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Сonfiguration                                                           Bi-Amp


Nominal resistance                                                  8 Ohm / 16 Ohm


Power Capacity AES * (LF/HF)                                250 W / 40 W


Program Power **                                                    500 W/ 80 W


Peak Power                                                             1000 W/ 160 W


Frequency Range(+/-3 дБ)                                      80 Hz- 20000 Hz


Maximum SPL *** (НЧ/ВЧ)                                      124 dB/ 129 dB


 Transducer  : 8"coaxial neodim loudspeaker          LF Voice Coil 2.5"                                                                                                                           HF Voice Coil 1.75"


Nominal coverage angle                                          60˚/60˚


Connectors  NEUTRIK                                             2 x NL4MPR (+1/-1)


Metal cap for rack installation                                   35 mm


Carrying handle on the back panel


Dimensions (W / H / D)                                           240 x 320 x 280 mm


Net Weight                                                               8 kg



*    AES standard (AES2-2012), the power is determined based on the power test at  the minimum impedance.

 The duration of the power test is 2 hours. The shape of the test signal is pink noise (peak factor 6 dB) in the operating frequency band

**  Program power is defined as power 3db greater than the AES standard

*** Sound pressure at Program power.

M8HCX is a compact stage monitor. Scope of application: small stage venues, piano bars, rehearsal rooms, television studios



For the M8HCX, we recommend the SENZAR DC-3000.4 amplifier with a DSP processor and presets designed specifically for this speaker system.


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