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Сonfiguration                                                              Bi-Amp


Nominal resistance                                                     8 Ohm / 16 Ohm


Power Capacity AES * (LF/HF)                                  600 W / 75 W


Program Power **                                                      1200 W / 150 W


Peak Power                                                                2400 W / 300 Вт


Frequency Range (+/-3 дБ)                                       60 Hz - 19000 Hz


Maximum SPL *** (НЧ/ВЧ)                                        130 dB/ 132 dB


Transducer:  15" coaxiak neodim loudspeaker          LF Voice Coil 4"                                                                                                                               HF Voice Coil 3"


Nominal coverage angle                                            60˚/60˚


Connectors  NEUTRIK                                                2 x NL4MPR (+1/-1)


Metal cap for rack installation                                    35 mm


M10 flanges for installing the mounting lyre


Dimensions (W / H / D)                                             369 x 582 x 538 mm


Net Weight                                                                 24kgг



*    AES standard (AES2-2012), the power is determined based on the power test at  the minimum impedance.

The duration of the power test is 2 hours.

The shape of the test signal is pink noise (peak factor 6 dB) in the operating frequency band.

**  Program power is defined as power 3db greater than the AES standard.

*** Sound pressure at Program power.


For the M15CX, we recommend the SENZAR DC-3000.4 amplifier with a DSP processor and presets designed specifically for this speaker system


The M15CX is equipped with an original 35mm rigid flange, 78mm long, which allows you to install the monitor on a speaker stand and use it as a full-range cabinet


The monitor cabinet is equipped with two comfortable handles, cut into the side walls and covered with streamlined shapes made of ABS plastic. Mounted flanges with M10 threads on the side panels allow the cabinet to be installed on a lyre.

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