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Cabinet:         Powered Subwoofer 1 x 18“ laminar bass reflex design

Amplifier:       3-channel D class amp (1x2000w/8 Ohm, 2x500w/8 Ohm). The amplifier is equipped with power supply with PFC and powerful DSP engine, acting as crossovers, EQ, time alignment, limiting and speakers overload protection.

DSP Analog Devices:    Sampling rate – 48kHz, DAC/ADC – 24-bit, internal processing – 56-bit. DSP accurately handles the audio signal thanks to its functions of equalization, filtering, delay, limiting and protection. Technology of FIR filters made possible to create speakers with high linear phase and amplitude response

Maximum Amplifier Output  Capability:       4000 W                                             

Amplifier Power RMS  3-channel:    1 x 2000 W; 2x1000 W

Amplifier Output TOP:     500W/8 Ohm

Amplifier Output SUB:      2000W/8Ohm

Signal/Noise-Ratio power amplifier:    Stereo mode – 100db, Mono mode -105 db (A-weighted)

Presets:      9 stereo presets, 9 mono presets

Subwoofer max. SPL 1 m /calc [2 ]π:   131db

Frequency Range (-6 dB):  30Hz÷150Hz

Sub Transducer:     18" with exceptional high excursion

Power Requirement:    100 to 250 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz

Net Weight:     50.5kg

Dimensions (W / H / D):  705 / 530 / 715 mm

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