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     Senzar Audio Ltd. started out as the company Acoustic Service in  1987, providing own sound equipment for pop and rock concerts at stadiums and in large music halls. In 1995, we transformed into a company for the design and production of professional sound reinforcement systems.
     Now our company offers installation speakers, touring sets, studio monitors and high quality home audio systems. We create acoustic design projects for theaters, concert halls, clubs, restaurants, etc.
     The fundamental principle of our company is the manufacture of reliable high fidelity sound systems for any environment and any musical genre based on our own unique designs for amplifiers and loudspeakers.
     We ensure that our sound systems meet the highest standards for musical studios and professional sound reinforcement. Our loudspeaker components are highly reliable due to their design and to the strict control of the manufacturing process.



two-way line array element


three-way line array element




HAT TRICK - 3-way line array loudspeaker .

НТ208 - two-way line array element

HT312 - three-way line array element

HT118 - subwoofer


QF 1538-0.jpg

Perfect sound Hi-End Pro System for LIVE Music, Home and Events

System parameters:

Total output of the speaker:   3620 W RMS

Max SPL in the Hi range:  

Max SPL in the Mid range:    128 dB

Max SPL in the LF range:  124 dB

Max SPL in the SUB range:  124 dB

Frequency range:  19 Hz ÷ 20 kHz



Mid/Hi-8" / 1" coaxial transducer with integrated HF horn

LF - 2 x 8" High Acceleration factor bass loudspeakers designed

to deliver high impact bass response, with exceptional high

excursion Net Weight: 125 lbs

Dimensions: (W / H / D) 17,3"/48,4"/20,5"

 Live performance venues

Electronic music festival

                            Providing stadium performance

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